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As an island country, Japan not only has a long and narrow coastline, but also has an undulating terrain. The beauty of mountains and rivers is not lacking. As a tourist destination, the characteristics of Japan's multi-volcanic zone also make it famous for its hot spring trips both inside and outside. The respect and preservation of history and culture make Japanese architecture and streets unique and unique, and even ordinary streets and alleys have unexpected surprises. It is with such an attractive feature that Japan is a tourist destination on every holiday. For friends who have never traveled to Japan, the first trip to Japan is always unfamiliar. Therefore, we summarizes the characteristics, gameplay and precautions of Japan for everyone. We hope you can easily play with neon country!

Expo Osaka 2025, referred to as "Osaka World Expo", will be held in Osaka, Japan in 2025. The theme of the Expo is "Building a Future Society and Imagining Tomorrow's Life".

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